Investing in Technology for Tomorrow

“Our mission is to enable a new generation of web based services through supporting entrepreneurs with an eye on commercial viability”

The web is your canvas

How are the creative stories of the future going to look like? We focus our investments in the public / private markets on the following areas

Contextual Web

Explore the online and offline world as you know it.

Marketing Automation

Technology, built for every micro and small medium enterprise.

Web Development

Putting small businesses on the internet, quickly, easily and beautifully.

Investment Principles

Business is binary, and so is technology. We invest in products and concepts that are Universal and Daily in nature. We partner entrepreneurs who care about profitable growth.

We move with opportunities

With years of experience running startups, investing in small caps and large caps, our team brings a diverse set of experience and exposure to the table. We value-add through the commercial lense, so you can focus on technology and products

We are here for you, every step of the way.